28 thoughts on “10 Top Tourist Attractions in San Francisco – Travel Video

  1. ChuckDeFuque says:

    Lived there almost 15 years (69 to 74). When I got there the streets were so clean you could eat off them! The mass transit was the best anywhere in the US! I was there about 7 years ago, came up from the BART on to Market St. and it stunk so bad from the urine and garbage! Sad to say, I will never go back!

  2. James Preston says:

    I hear San Francisco is the greatest…..I can't wait to visit.
    The first thing I'm gonna do is shit on a sidewalk downtown. I hear you can call the cops and they come and give you free syringes for us to shoot up heroin. They won't wipe your ass, but they won't arrest you either. This place is the greatest !

  3. Jon G says:

    So, a couple things from a current resident. 1. Skip the Wharf. It’s become nothing more than a place for below average food and cheap toys to sell dumb tourists. 2. This list not containing Crissy field, lands end trial, or Dolores park is a shame. There is also Coit tower and twin peaks both worth a look. Do yourself a favor and find those 5 ahead of some others on this list. Lands end will take your breathe away.

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